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About Us

Bright Path Consultancy is an intercultural agency with the mission to provide professional and comprehensive services that result in greater quality.

Bright Path Consultancy provide culturally appropriate support for our clients and their Family. Our Agency will support individuals in home and community living. We also support our client’s independence and personal growth.

The health and Safety of Our Clients is our top priority

Mission, Vision and Our Core Values

Statement mission and vision

Our mission at Bright Path Consultancy is to maintain and exceed the established reputation for excellence among allour clients and serve them by addressing their needs with respect, integrity, dignity, and compassion. At Bright Path Consultancy, we are bright from the Start.

Values Statement

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty, professionalism, and sincerity. We will always act in the best interest of our clients.

We create a warm and compassionate environment by showing kindness and empathy and offering encouragement and hope to all our clients and employees.

We are passionate about service and seek to empower the highest quality of life for our Clients.

We believe each of our Clients, Customers and employees is a person of great value and deserves to be treated with the highest dignity. We believe that respect for others is our core foundation.

Service to others is the essence of our culture. We will serve those in need with humility, grace, and gratitude.


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